Dixell xr60cx

Kühlstellenregler mit Abtau- und Gebläse-Steuerung. Warenschäden entstehen, übernimmt Dixell keine Verantwortung. Spannungsversorgung: 2VAC.

In case of failure or faulty operation send the instrument back to the distributor or to “ Dixell S. Full open map of parameters,configure your own control.

Buy Weiss Instruments XR60CX-4N1F1-UR – Universal – XR Controller,. Features : Digital controller for M. Find great deals for Digital Controller Dixell Xr60cx -5n1cFreezer Control With Probes. Shop with confidence on eBay! Dixell XR60CX 12V Controller for MT and LT ventilated applications. Informasjon: engelsk installasjonsanvisning.

XR60CX , Thermometers, Thermostats, Electronic Controllers for air conditioning, industrial and commercial refrigeration and catering markets. DIXELL XR60CX -5N0Cmounting measurements 71x29mm 230V voltage AC.

Pro aplikace chlazení s odtáváním a řízením ventilátoru výstupy pro kompresor, ventilátor, . Compressor indicator light on but no power gowning to compressor? All seems to be working fine. Be the first to review this product.

Order from Heritage Parts the leading online provider of OEM commercial kitchen replacement parts. Passende und ähnliche Artikel unter den . De XR60CX , formaat 32xmm format, is een microprocessor gestuurde regelaar geschikt voor toepassing. Either search by using the drop down box to the left or use the freeform search box above. Weatherproof switch DIXELL BOX 11cm x 9cm x 7cm. Dixell inbouwtemperatuurregelaar XR60CX IPmet handmatige ontdooing, Volt, 3x NTC ingang,.

Dixell XR thermostaat, XR60CX 230V 16A 5N1Cthermostaat thermostat. Návod k instalaci o obsluze. TERMOSTATY PRO CHLAZENÍ S ODTÁVÁNÍM A ŘÍZENÍM VENTILÁTORU.

Releu iesire: compresor, ventilator, degivrare si intrari sonde NTC sau PTC. UNIVERSAL XR60CX Controller pdf manual download. Suchten Sie Elektronische Regler? Supply voltage: v sensors:.

Elektronikregler dixell xr60cx – 0n0cunter den Produkten für Bar Kreba. Model XR60CX , is microprocessor based controller, suitable for applications on medium or low temperature refrigerating units.