Radiator or convector radiator? Both will keep your house warm. The main difference is the way in which they heat your house.

Convector may refer to: Look up convector in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. If you cannot make up your mind between radiators and convectors , Vasco is happy to explain the differences, benefits and drawbacks of the .

Convector definition is – a heating unit in which air heated by contact with a heating device (such as a radiator or a tube with fins) in a casing circulates by . Convector heaters – or simply, convectors – are non-fan forced heaters that use natural convection to move the heated air back into the . Our line of electric convector heaters, also known as convectors or convection heaters, not only provide heat, but more importantly a draft barrier along windows. Successfully following on a 40-year tradition in manufacturing convectors. English dictionary definition of convector.

A partly enclose directly. FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. A convector is a heating surface that transfers heat mainly by convection.

Convection is the process by which heat is transferred when cooler air flows over the . Convector Definition: a space-heating device from which heat is transferred to the surrounding air by. Bedeutung, Aussprache, Übersetzungen und Beispiele. If all you desire in a radiator is reliability, superb heat output and a classic, simple design, then a convector radiator from the BestHeating range is the ideal . First time homeowner and I have convectors.

Unfinished attic area has convectors that I would like to turn off. Our company is among the leading European manufacturers of radiators and convectors. MINIB – the energy-saving, economical, esthetic, and elegant heating. Our Convector is the perfect heating solution for full height windows.

Vulcan Convectors are engineered for both forced hot water and two-pipe steam heating system installation with heating elements of lightweight non-ferrous . FREE next day delivery available, free collection in minutes. Aún no sabes que diferencias existen entre convector y calefactor? Te contamos todo sobre estos sistemas de calefacción.

Jesteśmy producentem miedziano-aluminiowych konwektorowych grzejników wodnych, elektrycznych oraz kanałowych. Gwarantujemy fachową pomoc . Because obviously, in theory, a single panel convector radiator the size of the entire .

Airtherm Convectors are engineered for both forced hot water and two-pipe steam heating system installation with . Download the catalogue and request prices of Climabox By aermec, convector.